AI text to image - images with prompts

Many users of AI images are creating thousands of images - 20,000 or more. Typically the images reside on the cloud, linked to AI companies. I downloaded around 8000 images and saved two copies with one trying out Aspect. The speed and ease of use is incredible. At some point I will need to attach images with their prompts which could be 3000 or more characters. Will there be a database where each prompt relates to each image? Perhaps just a large or adjustable description slot?

There is no general limit on the size of the description field, so that would be a relatively natural choice — with the added benefit that it is already being indexed for full-text search. Currently we display it as a simple single-line text edit control, so the required enhancement in that case would be to provide an optional larger multi-line editor.

The same could be done to custom metadata fields, so that those can also be used for longer texts.