Andriod pairing failure

Observed behaviour

Pairing between Windows 10 PC and Android Pixel 7Pro failed…

Expected behaviour

The 2 devices should successfully connect.…

Steps required to reproduce

  1. …launch Aspect on Windows 10 computer
    2… launch Aspect Sync on Android phone
    3… click on network symbol in the upper right corner of Aspect on Windows 10
    4… select the Pixel Pro 7 in the pop-up dialog and click on connect
    5 … Pairing failed message appears on PC
    6… no request to pair notification appears on Pixel Pro 7

Operating system/Hardware used

-Windows 10 (64bit) PC with Intel I7-11700k, 32GB DDR4 RAM, multiple NVME drives.
-Google Pixel 7 Pro, Android version 14
-Both devises are on the same WLAN.
-Windows Firewall has Inbound Rules, but no Outbound Rules.

There has been a network protocol change in the current test version, which requires 1.0.0-preview.38 on the desktop side (will be released shortly).

However, there is still an issue with excessive battery consumption. Once that has been worked out, we’ll also post an official announcement and make it visible on the website.

Thanks for the update.