I will be trying out the beta - nice. BTW - does not have https.

Also, my main reason for the beta and down the road is creating AI imagery: text to image and image to image. I will be creating around 1000 ‘possible’ useful images per month X a year is a lot of images and I am just a hobbyist. There will be thousands of people housing so many images. All of the images are in the cloud and its much too slow browsing all of those images. In one year I will need to browse/catalog 12000 images so again thanks for the beta. It only takes a few seconds to download a new image from the cloud to my desktop drive. I had checked on D language years ago so its very impressive. Too bad that
DALL·E/chatGPT and similar can’t be D language for that on a desktop.

Thanks for giving it a try! Let us know if you need anything for your particular use case, or if you run into any issues. I think AI image generation could also make up a good example use of the plugin API, so I’ll keep that in mind when working on a few example plugins.

BTW - does not have https.

Thanks for mentioning this! This turned out to be an IPv6 related configuration issue. IPv4 was working fine, so we never noticed it.