Bug report guidelines

When reporting a bug, please always provide the following additional information, as far as possible:

  1. The version(s) of the application that show the unexpected behavior. Also make sure to mention when an earlier version was working correctly, as regression bug reports will receive a higher priority.
  2. Operating system(s) and operating system version
  3. Steps required to trigger the unexpected behavior
  4. Keep a copy of the log.html file* generated by the application on your computer, as that may contain valuable information to fix the bug

* On Windows, press Windows+R and then enter %TEMP%\aspect-log.html to open the log file
* On Mac, press ⌘+⇧+G in Finder and inside the sheet enter /tmp This will open the tmp folder with the aspect-log inside. In case it makes sense, you can then compress this file and send it to bugs@bildhuus.com.