Crash when trying to enter details view

Observed behavior

Aspect is closed.

Expected behavior

Entering the details view.

Steps required to reproduce

  1. Use “Dateisystem” at the bottom left to select an image file.
  2. Select “Zur Detailansicht wechseln” from the image context menu.

Operating system/Hardware used

  • Aspect 1.0.0-preview.3
  • OS X 10.15.3

I tried to reproduce this on a local MBP with 10.15.3, but couldn’t get the application to crash. Since the log file indicates that no license is active, I also tried without a license, but to no avail. Did you notice any dependency on the image format, maybe, especially JPEG vs. RAW? Or anything else, such as the opened folder, for that matter?

BTW, do you happen to get a macOS crash report dialog after exit? The log file contains no exception or assertion error, so it seems like a genuine crash. I’ll look into also catching and logging those kinds of crashes for the next version to enable easier diagnosis.