Email with beta license never received


While trying to sign up for your beta with my email, I seemingly never receive any emails.

I’ve tried with a few different “Hide my mail” providers and they all work. If I were to guess your system either don’t like Microsoft’s email domains, or your system runs into a problem with .dk email addresses.

The emails are not in spam, nothing is ever received.

Hope it helps and any problems can be resolved. I’m looking forward to try your software.

Hi, thank you for letting us know! Unfortunately, with our current e-mail provider, from time to time, we have issues with E-Mails sent to Microsoft owned addresses. They automatically block whole IP ranges instead of individual IP addresses and we seem to fall within a range where spam mail is sent from.

We have contacted Microsoft now and it should typically start to work normally within a few days.

By the way, you can also use the free feature set without the beta license and load the license later (under Help->About or Aspect->About on macOS).

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It took longer than expected to get a reaction this time, so after the IP address was whitelisted again, we decided to switch the activation and license mails to be sent using a transactional e-mail service instead of using our main server. With this change, they should be fully reliable from now on.