Excessive memory usage/allocation while starting

Observed behavior

Apparently nothing happens when launching aspect-1.0.0-preview.25 but after a moment the following error message is printed to the terminal:

core.thread.threadbase.ThreadError@core/thread/threadbase.d(1287): Error creating thread

Immediately, after that error the memory allocation explodes (112Gb reserved/3.4Gb residential). No log file was created.

Preview 24 launches just fine.

Expected behavior

Aspect starts up. :wink:

Steps required to reproduce

  1. Launch aspect-1.0.0-preview.25.

Operating system/Hardware used

Arch Linux

We have encountered some kind of code generation issue that sometimes causes global variables to get overwritten, after upgrading to the latest compiler (LDC 1.30.0). This only happens on Linux and looks like the most likely cause. I’ll look into downgrading on Linux for the next release, as the root cause hasn’t been found, yet.