Launch process interrupted

Observed behavior

starting the new version of ASPECT, it shows “Lade Bilbliotheken”. Right in this situation, it closes the procedure.

Expected behavior

A programm that starts completely into full function…

Operating system/Hardware used

check screenshot

Hey Rudi,

thanks for reporting that crash. We have discovered some weird behaviour as well and that is why we released a hot fix this weekend. You can download the latest version here:

In general it is very helpful for us that when you encounter the crash you press Windows + R on your keyboard and then type %TEMP%\aspect-log.html to open our log file. If you send this aspect-log.html to we can see in more detail what happened in the background.

Please try the preview 7. Maybe the crash is fixed.


Unfortunately - - - -no improvement. Programm does stop, while trying to load ‘Blbliothek’…
See log file sent to

Sorry for not having better news.

Hey Rudi,

thanks for testing it again. Just for clarification purpose: You wrote

This means the application crashes and Aspect is not running anymore? Correct?

or is the application still visible and loading library takes forever?


It just crashes by disappearing from the screen as well as out of the tasklist…

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Just a little Nonbug Report:

Have made changes to an image via Photopaint. Started from inside Aspect and went back to Aspect. It all works now. Can start Aspect after that.

The manipulated Photo, stored as TIFF, is now as large as 60,9 MB !
Original is JPEC 2,7 MB.


Just to let you know we found the reason for the crash:

When you send an image from Aspect to Photopaint, we generate a Tiff file in RGB format. This gets opened in Photopaint. You make your edits. Somehow in this specific case the tiff file got changed from RGB to CMYK and the added ISO coated v2 color profile is the root of this crash.

Working on fix for it.

Yes this is correct. JPG Image are compressed with a loss of image information. Here is a good example on what happens when you resave a jpg as a jpg multiple times.

or another example in a more extreme manner can be found here: NYC after being re-saved over 1000 times as a JPG

This is why we convert the jpg into a 16 bit Tiff file which will ensure that no data gets lost on its way between applications. The price for this quality is a bigger file.

But there is a way around this if you don’t mind the loss of image quality:

  1. Go into Aspects Preferences
  2. Go into the External Editors Tab
  3. Scroll all the way down to Add custom editor
  4. Select your Photopaint.exe
  5. And than you can set the Exchange format to jpg.

Now no tiffs will be written.


Yes, I know the compression thing… 100 years ago, the impressionsts had to do the whole pixeling by brush and hand… These days, we save jpgs multiple times…

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