Photo Stream for Folders?

Hi there,

I’ve setup and trying to use the app the same kind of way that I use Picasa (Google), but unsure what settings I need to change to get this to happen.

When I first setup the library I tried to add my photos folder into it, but the app kept crashing, probably because I have many folders and over 100,000 photos.

So I went into “Scanned Folders” and tried to add the individual folders in one at a time, that has worked for those folders (after a while of scanning time), but then nothing shows up under the “Photo Stream” section on the side.

The way I have my folders, is I just group them by size of a DVD, so each folder is about 4.3 gig in size.
Ideally I’m looking for a folder view similar to Picasa, so I can see all the photos in the folder by year/date

What do I need to turn on/change to achieve this with Aspect?


so the canonical way to go about this is to open the event selector and set a check box before each such folder:


This can be a bit cumbersome for large numbers of folders, even though it usually goes quite quickly and can also be done by using the keyboard (select the first item, then use the space bar to set the check mark and down arrow to move to the next item, and quickly repeat). The reason why we don’t do this automatically is that there are so many different ways in which people organize their photos into folders and it’s often not clear on which level to set the check mark. An example of such a folder structure would be this:

|-- 2023
    |-- Drone Flight
        |-- raw
        |   |-- img001.dng
        |   |-- img002.dng
        |   jpeg
        |   |-- img001.jpg
        |   |-- img002.jpg
        |-- edited
            |-- img002.psd

Naively, an algorithm would probably choose “raw”, “jpeg” and “edited” as folders to display individually, while “Drone Flight” would have been the right call.

Now we do know that there are still a lot of people using Picasa, and if there is sufficient demand, we can invest more time into some kind of more intelligent (and possibly optional) automation that would make this process seamless, at least in most cases.

Hi, thanks for that.
I thought that might be an option… but when I try to do it on my library I cannot select the top level folders for each item, only subfolders… so I can not create events for each of my main folders.

Ah okay, so that would require to select the D:\Photos folder directly as the top level folder to look for images under Settings → Library → Scanned Folders.

But thinking about it, there really is no fundamental limitation that would require that, so I’ll open a ticket for also making it possible to select top level folders in the event selection pane. It’s a bit more work under the hood, but it looks like it’s worth it for reducing friction in a situation like this.

edit: Tracked internally as #1325 and #1326