Previews for cameras not supported by the OS

For the first time in 10 years I purchased a camera not supported by my OS. I was pleasantly surprised that when I add the raw images to Aspect I am able to see previews for photos taken by the unsupported camera.

How does Aspect do this? Does it use a preview embedded in the raw file or does Aspect get updated to support new cameras?



OS: macOS Monterey version 12.7.5 / Aspect: 1.0.0-preview 39.1 / Camera: OM TG-7

We are currently using libraw for decoding RAWs - it doesn’t currently have official support for the TG-7, but I guess the file format is just identical to another Olympus model that is already supported. The approach has the advantage that it is platform independent, but unfortunately produces less-than-ideal colors for some cameras.

Eventually, we plan to implement a new, GPU powered RAW development module that will be much faster and aimed to reproduce manufacturer colors as far as possible.