Removing deleted images from Aspect

I deduplicated a large directory, removing a large number of images. The deleted image thumbnails still show up in Aspect and I would like to remove them. The deleted image thumbnails have a little triangle with an ! displayed in the upper left corner, so it seems like Aspect know something is wrong. I have two ideas for fixing this and wanted to know if one of them was preferred.
1 - Use the Library>Maintenance>Rescan folder structure option.
2 - Use the search for missing, Status missing option, then selecting all images and then deleting them.
I am running MX Linux 23.3, 64bit, KDE, on an Intel I7-11700k, 32gb system.

Number two is the way to go currently. The fact that the files stay registered in the library is a safety feature, to avoid losing organization information (e.g. collections), or to accidentally propagate deletions*. There will be an assistant for removing duplicates in the app, too, which will make this more seamless overall (currently duplicate detection/elimination is limited to the importer).

* example scenario: The user has renamed a scanned folder, so that the app cannot see it anymore and thus marks all contained files as missing. If it would now just remove the corresponding entries from the library, not only would information, such as in which collections those files might have been, be lost, but also, if the library is synchronized over multiple devices, it would case the same files to be deleted on the other devices as part of the synchronization.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.