Please set the regular shortcuts like “command + ,” for settings.
I would also prefer some of the Lightroom shortcuts like

  • g: grid view
  • e: single view

I’ve added a shortcut for settings on a development branch. I don’t think that there is any kind of standard (or even any shortcut for that matter) on Windows, so this is a Mac-only change.

Single-key shortcuts are reserved for collections, so directly adopting the Lightroom shortcuts for grid/details view is not possible, but some variation would of course be possible.

What already works today is using “enter” for going to details view and “escape” for going back to thumbnail view, as long as the keyboard focus is in the center pane. Also, a custom shortcut can be set in the settings dialog (not saved persistently in the current build, though, and I just noticed that the layout of the shortcut customization page is partially broken).

Would the enter/escape method work for you, or do you sometimes find yourself in situations where the focus somewhere else, maybe some metadata text field, when switching between the views (in Lightroom, of course)?

Hi, enter/escape is fine for me.
Yes, standard software shortcuts are only for Mac :frowning:

Unfortunately I couldn’t see the shortcut assignment in the settings. Every special key is a ? on a Mac.
I couldn’t assign myself the shortcut command + , for the settings. It will only accept letters…

Fixed the custom shortcuts on macOS, too, now, as well as the font rendering of special symbols.

Please add also all other OS X shortcuts like
cmd+. = cancel
cmd+m = minimize application
cmd+w = close window

Tracking it internally under #427

The fix will be available in 1.0.0-preview.4