Usage Question: Make Event from selection behave like new Library

When creating a new library , the files are left in place and the library folders and files are created at a location the structure the user can set within the drive’s structure.

When selecting images and creating an event for them, the original files are moved to a subfolder within the library folder structure.

How do I prevent this from happening (make new event creation from selection behave the same as library) so that using Aspect does not change the file / folder structure I need to retain for other purposes?

There are two possibilities to create events from existing folders:

  1. Using the event selector for quickly marking a set of folders within the scanned folder(s) of the library:

  2. Dragging a folder from explorer/finder into the left pane of the application, while holding Alt on Windows or Ctrl on macOS (showing the “link” drag indicator on the mouse cursor). This way, any folder can be added as an event, without it having to reside in a scanned folder.

Forgot to go into the “from selection” topic - any images that are not already grouped into a folder would have to be moved into one using Explorer/Finder first for this to work. I’ve taken a note for a possible enhancement (#1372) that would allow to do that from the application (creating a sub folder with the name entered and selecting it as an event in a single step).

For a little bit of context: The preferred way of using events is definitely to let the application do the work of managing event folders. Currently, only the name and the date of the event can be used to define a folder hierarchy, but we plan to extend that to arbitrary event metadata, so that also less common schemes could be automated. However, we do realize that the way people organize their folders is extremely diverse, so we continually try to improve the manual folder approach as well.

In my case they were already in one folder.

What I wanted to do was create a selection of shots from the day to work with. (I was aware of the option to add folders via Photo Stream.)

Is there another way of doing it instead of using events?

EDIT: I realised this works with collections not events. So the only thing missing is to be able to right click selected thumbnails and add to collection.

The only way I can see to add images to the collection, is to drag them into the collection under Organize in the right side panel.

The quickest generic way is probably using the collection bar, or, in particular, using the + shortcut. After pressing +, you can start to type a collection name and use the auto-complete list to add to an existing collection. You can also drag on the items in the collection bar.

Now, the absolute quickest way is to use a collection shortcut (right-click a collection and choose a letter from the “Shortcut” sub menu to assign one, or use the numeric one that gets auto-assigned dynamically in the collection bar).

But adding to a collection via right-click menu is on our TODO list, too (issue #591), so that will also be possible eventually.

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