Version 1.0.0-preview.28

Hey everyone,

a new version of Aspect has been released: 1.0.0-preview.28. (view blog post)You’ll find the download links at the bottom of this post. Simply install over the existing installation to upgrade.


:paperclip: Windows installer
:paperclip: macOS bundle
:paperclip: Linux AppImage (experimental)

Please remember: Even though the software is reasonably stable at this point, always make a backup of your data, or work with a copy of it, when using pre-release software.

New features

  • Images that are only available on other library instances will now be downloaded and cached from there on-demand
    • This allows to view and export files as if they were stored locally
  • Added an explicit “MANUAL” synchronization mode


  • AVCHD (.mts) videos are treated as media files and thus are also ingested by import processes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash occurring when displaying very large DNG files


  • Improved the thumbnail loading mechanism to avoid loading the same image concurrently
    • This in particular avoids long pauses when large images are involved and displayed at or above screen resolution
    • Also, this improves the responsiveness while the image analysis process is running
  • Choosing a non-empty target folder when adding a new NAS/external drive instance to the library is now checked and disallowed
  • When creating a new library, the application will now prompt for the RAW/JPEG preference if necessary
    • Before, any RAW/JPEG pairs in a scanned folder would by default prefer the JPEG to be visible in the workspace
    • Since changing the setting through the settings dialog will only affect newly added files, this meant that all images would have to be re-added to the library if RAW files were to be preferred instead
  • Remove local library instances are now removed from the “change library” menu

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak associated with applying color profiles
  • Fixed thumbnails not being loaded for locally unavailable photos
  • Fixed synchronization of deleted events (regression in 1.0.0-preview.17)
  • Fixed a possible crash when viewing the thumbnail of a remotely deleted image during synchronization
  • Fixed incomplete library suspension during system standby that could result in a crash when the loaded library was not accessibly upon resume anymore
    • This could happen if an external drive was unplugged during standby, or, in case of a NAS backed library, if the network cable was unplugged
  • Fixed a bogus collection creation prompt when adding images to existing collections through the collection bar’s auto-complete feature
  • Fixed the initially displayed date in the date/time adjustment dialog when using the edit button of the metadata pane while having multiple images selected
  • Fixed issues in scenarios where a library has multiple local instances (stored on a connected drive or NAS)
  • Fixed the new date/time adjustment dialog to work for images that have no capture/digitized time set
  • Fixed empty event or individual folders being created after cloning when they shouldn’t according to the storage rules
  • Fixed the size limit slider for storage settings to not show zero initially when the actual setting is unlimited

Feel free to leave any feedback here or in the bug reports sub forum. Thanks for helping to shape a new way of organizing photos!