Version 1.0.0-preview.34

Hey everyone,

a new version of Aspect has been released: 1.0.0-preview.34 (view blog post). You’ll find the download links at the bottom of this post. Simply install over the existing installation to upgrade.


:paperclip: Windows installer
:paperclip: macOS bundle
:paperclip: Linux AppImage (experimental)

Please remember: Even though the software is reasonably stable at this point, always make a backup of your data, or work with a copy of it, when using pre-release software.


  • Considerably improved the overall application performance
  • Improved RAW metadata reading performance and added fast RAW thumbnail previews during the scan process
  • Revamped the file and directory chooser dialogs on Linux
  • Fixed and improved how ambiguous changes in the file system are presented to the user
  • Page up/down and Home/End keys are now usable for navigating thumbnails
  • Selected folders are now pre-applied to the list of imported images in the import panel

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak occurring when decoding many RAW images with certain properties at once during the image analysis or scanning processes
  • Fixed an issue where the maximum RAM cache size got ignored and lead to an effective memory leak
  • Fixed a crash for TIFF images with a certain encoding
  • Fixed regular flickering from occurring in the file system panel
  • Fixed numeric collection shortcuts not working for collections manually selected from the collection bar overflow menu
  • Fixed missing refreshes in the folder browser on Windows when showing the root directory of a drive (e.g. “C:\”)
  • Fixed not being able to explicitly drag sidecar files of images to the photo stream
  • Fixed a possible crash when manually copying an individual photo folder containing images moved to the library trash

Feel free to leave any feedback here or in the bug reports sub forum. Thanks for helping to shape a new way of organizing photos!