Version 1.0.0-preview.35

Hey everyone,

a new version of Aspect has been released: 1.0.0-preview.35 (view blog post). You’ll find the download links at the bottom of this post. Simply install over the existing installation to upgrade.


:paperclip: Windows installer
:paperclip: macOS bundle
:paperclip: Linux AppImage (experimental)

Please remember: Even though the software is reasonably stable at this point, always make a backup of your data, or work with a copy of it, when using pre-release software.


  • Fixed memory usage for cached images exceeding the configured limit when working with different libraries successively- The “Synchronizing file system” activity now indicates progress more detailed
  • Images with extreme aspect rations are now always displayed with a size of at least one pixel in their narrow dimension
  • Improved reading speed of images with partially invalid metadata

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an infinite cycle of “scanning” and “analyzing” images when the initial image analysis process didn’t finish before app exit
  • Fixed missing library catalog saves after making changes that could result in lost changes during application crashes
  • Fixed bogus event folders reappearing after deleting an event that contains “.tmp” files
  • Fixed an issue where scanned folders were stored as absolute paths instead of relative paths, resulting in missing images after moving the library to a different location
  • Fixed a possible crash at shutdown on macOS
  • Fixed a rare crash at shutdown caused by icons still being loaded at process exit
  • Fixed multiple places that, under heavy load, could result in the garbage collector allocating large growing amounts of RAM
  • Fixed an assertion failure caused by an OpenGL error related to multiple open windows
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of cached images could temporarily exceed the configured cache size
  • Fixed a rare assertion failure happening for images for which no checksum has been computed yet
  • Fixed a possible crash in the “add device to library” dialog when the library lock fails while the dialog is open
  • Fixed a crash occurring when a library lock has failed and the user then reloads the library
  • Fixed failure to load (TIFF, PNG and some others) images that are 16384 pixels or higher
  • Fixed a possible crash when attempting to load images with an invalid format

Feel free to leave any feedback here or in the bug reports sub forum. Thanks for helping to shape a new way of organizing photos!

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