Version 1.0.0-preview.39

Hey everyone,

a new version of Aspect has been released: 1.0.0-preview.39 (view blog post). You’ll find the download links at the bottom of this post. Simply install over the existing installation to upgrade.


:paperclip: Windows installer
:paperclip: macOS bundle
:paperclip: Linux AppImage (experimental)

Please remember: Even though the software is reasonably stable at this point, always make a backup of your data, or work with a copy of it, when using pre-release software.

New features

  • Implemented the duplicate finder dialog
    • Finds exact binary duplicates of all photos/videos in the library
    • Groups them together to allow quickly determining which files to keep/delete without having to handle every single file
    • Physically verifies that it is safe to delete a duplicate before doing so to ensure that the last copy is always kept
    • Preserves metadata and collection entries of deleted duplicates by transferring it to the remaining copy
  • Implemented the “Regenerate metadata cache” and “Regenerate previews” menu entries
  • Added a number of additional scripting APIs
    • openSQliteDatabase and SQLiteDatabase class
    • chooseFile, chooseDirectory functions
    • existsFile, readFileUTF8, writeFileUTF8 functions
    • calculateStrongChecksum, calculateWeakChecksum functions
    • Library.getStrongFiles, Library.getWeakFiles methods
    • Library.createEvent, .createTextFile, .createRawNode methods
    • Library.importFilesPlain method
    • Library.modifyFileMetadata method
    • .type and .owner methods for library node classes
    • toJSON, encodeInetPath functions
    • See also the overview at Developing Add-ons - Bildhuus Aspect


  • The library catalog now gets saved prior to physically starting to import files to make the process more robust
  • Improved error handling in add-on scripts
  • All scripting APIs that take paths now also handle URLs as input
  • Add-ons now need to get user permission before modifying the library
  • The folder browser now allows to add a folder to the library as a scanned folder

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a possible crash when exiting the application right after applying new scanned folder settings
  • Fixed window redraw issues that were especially pronounced in dialogs on macOS/Linux
  • Fixed crashes sometimes caused by manually moving files to an individual photos folder that doesn’t match the metadata
  • Fixed error reporting behavior during application startup
  • Fixed an issue where an auto-import could import into the wrong library after a library switch
  • Fixed an issue with representing host IDs used for P2P synchronization sometimes resulting in invalid URLs
  • Fixed bogus errors when handling non-library images that previously had an XMP sidecar file
  • Fixed a crash happening when attempting to edit an image with malformed XMP metadata
  • Fixed a crash happening when editing keywords for non-library files
  • Fixed a possible crash in the library creation or shoe box pattern confirmation dialogs
  • Fixed an error message appearing when pressing backspace on macOS when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed displaying add-on menu entries on macOS

Feel free to leave any feedback here or in the bug reports sub forum. Thanks for helping to shape a new way of organizing photos!

Correction: The point “Fixed window redraw issues that were especially pronounced in dialogs on macOS/Linux” failed to get picked up in the release process and will be in the next release instead.