Version 1.0.0-preview.8

Hey everyone,

a new version of Aspect has been released: 1.0.0-preview.8. You’ll find the download links at the bottom of this post. Simply install over the existing installation to upgrade. The following changes and additions are included:

New features

  • Added a new “taxonomy” collection type (#513)
    • Taxonomies behave similar to normal collection hierarchies, but an image can only be in one of the taxons within a single hierarchy
    • In this sense, a taxonomy behaves like a virtual folder structure where images can be moved around
  • Added a built-in crash reporter that gets invoked at the next start after a crash
  • Added more semantic search expressions
    • Type expressions - enter “image”, “video”, “raw” etc. to filter by file type
    • Individual photos - enter “individual photos” to show only individual photos from the photo stream


  • Improved the “…” button menu of the collection bar to show icons and qualified names
  • File names are now compared numerically for digit groups instead of lexicographically (e.g. “10.jpg” now comes after “2.jpg”)
  • Added more functions to the add-on API
    • compareFilenames - compares two file names, including proper numeric comparison logic
    • (read/write)(Text/Binary)File - read/write files in the file system
    • getTempPath - returns the path of the temporary folder
    • execute - Executes an external process
  • The “Create event” menu entry is not always available as long as a library is loaded
  • Added a new duration based sorting modes (video files)
  • When displaying a search result, the sorting mode can now be changed
  • Improved the auto complete behavior in the collection bar by showing icons, a default choice and wrapping around to the end/start when navigating using the arrow keys
  • The trash can now be emptied using the context menu (#496)
  • Sub groups can now be created using the context menu
  • Tree items can now be renamed using the return key on macOS
  • Message box buttons can now be selected using arrow keys (#507)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a duplicate comma part for paragraph captions in image size sorting mode
  • Fixed displaying the correct number of images in the photo stream header during an import
  • Fixed deleted events erroneously staying visible in the PINNED section
  • Fixed multiple possible crash issues during import that was caused by the application crashing previously during an import
  • Fixed multiple possible crash issues that could happen after an application crash
  • Fixed a crash that could happen for very large imports
  • Fixed an issue where the application process would not exit if there were any paused activities left
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when activities were active while the computer was put to sleep
  • Fixed multiple places where files that haven’t been fully imported did not report the correct metadata
  • Fixed the collection bar auto-complete list to jump two entries instead of two when pressing an arrow key
  • Fixed a possible crash in the import dialog when changing options before the contents had been fully loaded (#515)
  • Fixed duplicate and random numeric shortcuts being assigned to collection bar entries
  • Fixed context menus to be closed on macOS when opening a menu from the menu bar (#461)
  • Fixed a possible crash happening when deleting an event right after moving images into it and back to the photo stream
  • Fixed handling of shortcuts involving F1-F12 on macOS
  • Fixed the selection behavior of the collection pane when clicking a group
  • Fixed a crash happening when exiting the application while a resumed import from a previous run is still in progress (#474)
  • Fixed the scroll position being off after waking up the computer from sleep (#495)
  • Fixed the minimized state of the window being erroneously reapplied at the next start (#492)
  • Fixed an issue where a manually deleted XMP sidecar would result in metadata editing of the image to stop working (#510)
  • Fixed a possible hang at application exit
  • Fixed an issue that cause the application to fail at startup on macOS Catalina (#517)
  • Fixed changing the focus using the tab key in message boxes (#507)
  • Fixed an issue where the application window stays empty at the first start of the application on macOS
  • Fixed a crash happening for empty images (zero pixels width or height)
  • Customized keyboard shortcuts are now preserved across application runs (#508)
  • Fixed invisible images appearing in the relation bubble (e.g. images moved into the trash)
  • Fixed an issue where the RAW/JPEG relations of files were not detected correctly
  • Fixed scroll position jumps when switching to/from local collections
  • Fixed the application to show “loading library” indefinitely after failing to load a library
  • Fixed a crash occurring when attempting to drag the trash can or favorite entries in the collection pane


Feel free to leave any feedback here or in the bug reports sub forum. Thanks for helping to shape a new way of organizing photos!

Please remember: Even though the software is reasonably stable at this point, always make a backup of your data, or work with a copy of it, when using pre-release software.