Windows 10 and Linux dual booting and sharing a library

I have a multi-boot system, Windows 10, MX Linux. I have been having problems getting Aspect on MX Linux to load a folder with around 120,000 files into the library. The files are on a separate drive than the operating systems. It keeps crashing. So I am attempting to load the library that was created on MX Linux with Aspect from Windows 10. Will doing this cause any unexpected problems? Can both installations share a library?

In general, there should be no difference between a library created by the Linux vs. the Windows version. The only issues that I can potentially see would be caused by file system type differences (e.g. case sensitivity or the resolution of the file modification times), but since we are talking about the same drive, that also should be fine. We also regularly share a few test libraries over a network share between Mac/Windows/Linux machines and haven’t had issues there.

Thanks for the reply. My Linux problems must be related to another issue. I’ll keep pounding my head against that rock until it works.